Your Invitation to the New Portal is in Your Email!
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We promised you a new, better, more powerful Practitioner Portal, so here it is! And here’s an overview of what you can expect in your new Practitioner Portal:
  • The new portal flows much more like an online college course. For our newer practitioners, just start from the beginning, and complete all the modules in order. For our TCD Practitioners who have been around a while and are already familiar with some of the aspects of True Cellular Detox, feel free to skip over sections with which you’re already familiar.
  • We’ve kept all your favorite parts of the old portal but gave a better sense of organization to it all. We’ve also added in more of what was missing and what you’ve been asking for.
  • We now have case studies that guide you through the process of interpreting testing. We cover each of the three tests (NTQ, VCS, and Meta-Oxy) individually, and how to interpret the three tests in light of each other.
  • There are also case studies designed to guide you through developing the mindset of understanding how to modify protocols, based on testing and client progress. You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to slow down the protocol, repeat a phase, move back a phase, or add in a spike to the protocol.
  • All of the resources you need for your TCD Program are now in one easy to find place – the last module of the lesson plan. At the end of each module you’ll be able to take a short quiz to test your knowledge, then give feedback on that specific module.
  • And there is much more weaved into every aspect of the new Practitioner Portal, so explore as you can, and discover True Cellular Detox in a whole new way!
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